He gave her the same roses he first gave me. A bouquet filled with baby’s breath and soft deep red petals that laid in perfect pattern against each other. Except this time he was giving them to a tattooed writer in Brooklyn instead of a girl with scars on her body and a mind that had tortured itself along with him. A girl pursuing an MFA in English instead of a constantly displaced high school dropout. A girl thinner than I even at the peak of a debilitating eating disorder. She was young, they seem to always be. She was…

Under night fall, in the Staten Island neighborhood of New Brighton, there is a long drive and an even longer walk back. A car left abandoned in a school parking lot will explode the following morning. When Celeste Montgomery (Raffey Cassidy) offers to pray with her school shooter she gets shot in the neck instead. A very physical manifestation of an eager innocence leaving her body. At 14 years old in the year 1999, it’s the beginning of a new life of beliefs and actions that will forever be based on that event. Celeste’s body will harbor that attack for…

10. The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017, dir. Yorgos Lanthimos)

Gregg Turkington as The Comedian in Entertainment (2015)

What does one do once their initial purpose is revealed to be antithetical to who they are as a person? The entertainment industry is wrought with people who have collapsed under the weight of their despicable personal behavior, as is being revealed more and more everyday. Once bringing art or performance to the forefront of their lives and other people’s, it is now overshadowed by their degeneracy. But why was that degeneracy disregarded in the first place? When artists express bad behavior through their art (or talk openly about being bad people), are they to be believed? …

Olivia Hunter Willke

I like movies and not much else.

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